Our rescue parrots need your help.


Your gift is very important for the well being of our rescue parrots. This will help to cover housing, food and veterinary care for all the parrots we receive. Please help us continue this love endeavor.

ROCKO – PH00007

Rocko is a special needs blue fronted amazon looking for a special family to call its own. He’s missing the tendon that goes from the head to the neck so he has trouble keeping his head up. That makes him a bit clumsy inside the cage reason why we prefer a smaller size cage with […]

BENNIE – PH00006

Bennie the Sennie is about 10-11 yrs old super calm #senegalparrot . When he came here the first time, I was advised nobody had ever heard him make a single noise and that he was blind and could only see shadows. Bennie is a great example of what a healthy organic raw nutrition does for […]

SPRITE – PH00005

Sprite the whitewinged parakeet is looking for a forever home. She’s not tame but a total goofy clown that would love to hopefully find a home with another bebe parrot.

Puff Puff – PH00003

Puff Puff is a special needs bird available for adoption. She only have one working leg but managed like a pro. She even finds comical ways way to enjoy her meal (see third picture). I’d love to find her a home where she can be either alone or with another cockatiel close to her. Friendly […]