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  • Once the adoption is finalized, I understand that I will be responsible for all costs associated with my new bird, which includes a balanced healthy diet that includes fresh vegetables (chop), toys and medical expenses.
  • I understand a quarantine period and a full veterinary exam is recommended. Wellness exams will be conducted yearly.
  • Although uncommon, I am aware there are zoonotic diseases that may be transferred from an adopted animal to me and existing pets.
  • If my bird is within flying distance to the front door, kitchen, or any other dangers, I will have my bird’s wings properly clipped for safety.
  • I will not use sand perches and will have my bird groomed as needed.
  • I will not take a bird outside without either a flight harness or inside a travel carrier.
  • My bird will be housed in a smoke-free environment: no cigarettes, incense, and candles.
  • I will not use unsafe products such as non-stick cookware (Teflon/PTFE), Febreze, Glade plug-ins and similars, or anything else toxic.
  • I will not feed my bird onions, garlic, comfrey, peanuts, mushrooms, dairy, avocado, grits, coffee, salty, high fat, or processed foods, alcohol, apple seeds, and pits from cherries, plums, apricots, and peaches.
  • I will not fall asleep with my bird on the bed because this can prove fatal to the bird.
  • I will feed an adequate diet which will include safe organic fresh foods (chop) and good quality pellets.
  • I understand the responsibility involved in adopting new animals and I agree to commit to their proper care for the duration of their lifespan.
  • My application may be denied or revoked if I provide false information.
  • If I am not adequately caring for my adopted bird, Parrots Haven Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc reserves the right to take them back at any time.
  • The bird will stay inside the house when the adopter is not home unless otherwise specified and approved by an Adoption Specialist.
  • I agree that this bird will not be used for medical or any other experimental or cruel purpose.
  • Adopted birds are not to be sold, bred, given away, given as gifts, used to decorate a house, or disposed of.
  • By completing this form, I agree to treat my bird humanely at all times and will make sure that anyone else caring for them, living or visiting the household will do the same.

By submitting this application you agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of You agree the bird must remain in your custody. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to care for this bird, that it must be returned to Parrots Haven Rescue and Sanctuary. No refunds of adoption fees will be given. You must provide Parrots Haven Rescue and Sanctuary with any change of address and/or phone number. You agree that Parrots Haven and Sanctuary will check references, verify employment and housing prior to the adoption process. You also agree to allow a representative of Parrots Haven Rescue and Sanctuary into your home to check on the adopted bird. You understand that if at any time this bird is found to be given improper care, that this bird will be removed from the home by the representative performing the home visit.