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Asia – PH00002

Asia is a 14 yrs old Yellow Crown Amazon that was found by the coroner’s office when they went to pick up the body of her deceased human. She’s fully vetted and initially was found to have a bad fungus on her feathers that’s all taken care of. She’s so smart that she had already learned how to say my husbands and my name as well as a Spanish bad word that I promise she didn’t learn here ? it’s hilarious though. She’s tame and really sweet. Loves her chop and sprouts as well as a healthy dry mix. We’ll be really picky as who gets her as she deserves a lifetime relationship. She’s suffered enough. If you think you’re a good match for her, DM me for an adoption application. Again, she’s fully vetted by Dr Clubb and in awesome health. Her vet records will be available through the vet.

Asia – id #PH00002